How to invest in YAP strategies?

To buy YAP tokens you need to top up your balance beforehand. If you already have funds then open the YAP investment card, find the "Swap" button there enter the amount click Swap and that's it, you will start to make a profit to your YAP balance at the end of each working day.

Which YAP should I choose?

They differ in what coins are in them, by investing in YAP you are investing in a specific collection of coins and tokens.
For example, by investing in DEFIYAP you make an investment in 8 great DeFi coins and your investment will depend on how each coin in your portfolio performs, if you believe that DeFi is the future then this is for you.
StableYAP consists mainly of BTC and ETH are the largest cryptocurrencies at the moment, they are the basis of the cryptocurrency world.

What affects the YAP price?

The YAP price is made up of the price of the coins that are included in it and the quantity of these coins
For example StableYAP price = BTC price * quantity of BTC in the token + ETH price * quantity of ETH in the token + USDT price * quantity of USDT in the token + MIDAS price * quantity of MIDAS in the token.
If any of the cryptocurrencies will rise in price, the value of the portfolio will increase, if some will become cheaper - on the contrary