Midas Investments

Legal Structure

Midas International (registration # C8413071)
Midas International represents our parent company. This entity is registered in Seychelles and owns the Midas brand and technical infrastructure, carrying out the general business management for our entire group of companies. This company will be used for a potential equity raise when we’re ready to scale our CeDeFi vision.
Midas Alpha, LLC (registration # 2287 LLC 2022)
This company is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and is responsible for managing our investment strategies while complying with global regulations in terms of user acquisition.
Midas Prime (registration # 306056464)
Midas Prime is registered in Lithuania and has been granted a European Virtual Asset Crypto License. This company allows Midas to offer custodial crypto services at the retail level, which will open up possibilities to merge CeDeFi vision with retail adoption. Future product offerings, including fiat on-ramp services and debit card services, will also be offered through Midas Prime.
MVP (Minimal Viable Product) License (Dubai): Virtual Asset Custodian and Non-custody Intermediate Activities (In Process)
The MVP license, granted by Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA), will give Midas large access to providing investment services for crypto retail users. VARA is the world’s most innovative regulator, and we are looking forward to working with them. This partnership opens Midas to new markets while offering an additional regulatory security layer for our users.
Midas is currently in the process of acquiring this license. We have prepared all documents on our end, and we’re waiting for word from the regulator.
Two Swiss legal entities:
- Self-regulated organization MDF AG – CHE-323.398.672;
- Asset management Quantum Yield AG – CHE-456.985.026.
Created one year ago in order to scale Midas’ activities to B2B and institutional markets, these two companies are not directly affiliated with Midas. Given the current bullish cycle, Midas’ management team decided to focus on the retail platform. Plans to resume the development of activities for the institutional and B2B branches will pick up next year (should demand to indicate the need for such services).
This structure allows Midas to:
  • Provide services of blending digital asset management with IT platforms across the globe, including EU and US
  • Regulate investment activities to protect the users
  • Establish fiat onramp and card services to bridge the gap between our services and new crypto users
  • Fundraise and attract the best VC funds to scale the growth of Midas, as an crypto investment platform
  • Build new branches to cover local regions and build specific products for the needs of both B2C, B2B and institutional clients, establishing Midas as a global digital asset management platform accessible to all
The core company in this structure is Midas International in Seychelles. The transition to the new corporate structure will occur following the release of updated new terms and services. Aside from this change, there will be no changes in a user’s day-to-day usage of Midas.