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Investment Reports

These reports disclose the sources of yield and performance on the portfolio which generates yield for our (i) Fixed Yield strategies, including BTC, ETH, and Stablecoins and (ii) CeDeFi strategies. We also outline all segments of the DeFi and Algo portfolios and include the risk frameworks that we use for each position.
Our purpose for publishing these reports is to provide an unprecedented level of transparency to our investors with respect to how we generate yield. This level of transparency is typically absent from CeFi platforms, and we believe that centralized yield services owe it to their users to provide full transparency behind their yield-generation processes so that users may decide if those investments align with their risk tolerances.
Sharing our portfolio structure on a regular basis provides insights into how we make investment decisions while also supporting and substantiating how and why we adjust yield rates for fixed yield products which are based on the current market conditions and our risk policy.