Midas Investments
Stable YAP
The Stable YAP offers investors the opportunity to invest in a fully managed and automated investment portfolio that offers long-term growth potential as well as a daily payout in SYAP token. With implemented strategies, it outperforms BTC, ETH, MIDAS and USDC hold and additionally produces a passive income.
To quantify SYAP investments, this was issued as managed with a token. This is not a blockchain-based token, but a unit of measurement for YAP investments. Investors would purchase, sell (automatically through withdrawal) and hold their YAP investments in the SYAP token.
Every SYAP token in circulation is backed by real assets - BTC, ETH, MIDAS and USDC. To increase the long-term portfolio growth to 20.3% APY, monthly rebalancing is done. Bitcoin and Ethereum have 35% shares of a Stable YAP while USDC and MIDAS have 15% shares of stable YAP.
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