Midas Investments made the cryptocurrency exchange process simple, safe and comfortable. All users can instantly exchange any token to another on Midas platform just in a few clicks.

The Swap Benefits

The Swap feature provides a wide list of benefits for Midas users.
  • Lightning-fast service. The Swap process takes less than a minute.
  • Wide range of coins. More than 30 currencies are available for Swap.
  • User-friendly interface. Easy and convenient process for everyone.

Swap Fees

The fees are divided into 2 categories: Routing fee, and Market spread.
Routing fee
  • Alt > BTC = 0.3% fee
  • ETH > USDC/USDT = 0.3% fee
  • Alt > Alt = 0.6% fee
  • Stable > Stable = 0% fee
  • Midas is now considered an Alt, like any other non-BTC token.
Market spread
Let’s assume the lowest ask price for ABC coin is $200 and the highest bid price for ABC coin is $201. In order to calculate the spread, all we’d need to do is subtract the highest bid price from the lowest ask price.
Lowest ask price – Highest bid price = Spread
$201 – $200 = $1
In addition to knowing the dollar value of the spread, investors and traders also want to know the percent spread. The percent spread can be useful in determining the liquidity of the market.
(Spread / Lowest ask price) x 100 = Percent Spread
(1 / 201) x 100 = 0.49%

What does the "we've reached the swap limit" error mean?

If you see this error it means that swaps for this asset will not work. Midas has a limited amount of coins for swaps every day. If they run out, users can't do swaps until the next day. Liquidity is added to cryptocurrency pools every day at some point between 10:00 – 17:00 UTC. There is no specific time that it is added, so if you receive the swap limit error please wait until at least 17:00 UTC.