The most important thing for every investment platform is security measures. Midas funds are managed through tokens located on different addresses within Fireblocks vault infrastructure. The majority of Midas funds (around 97%) are held on Fireblocks, with the remainder held on withdrawal wallets and blockchains that Fireblocks does not support.
Fireblocks is a digital asset platform for institutions. Hundreds of businesses use Fireblocks to maintain the security of funds, manage their treasuries, access trusted DeFi protocols, and any other digital asset back-end operation.
Each transaction goes through the multisignature process consisting of 2-4 DeFi and C-level team members. The connection to the protocols is done through WalletConnect. This is why the private keys never leave the multisig and are not inserted anywhere.
Each strategy has its own vault, which means the different private keys for each protocol. If something goes malicious with one protocol, it does not bear additional damage.
Keep in mind, that your personal security depends not only on our actions but also on yours.
If you want to increase the security of your account, enable Google Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).