MIDAS token
MIDAS token is an integral part of Midas.Investments platform designed to produce yield and give utility to holders. It is a token based on the Fantom blockchain network with a 5,000,000 MIDAS total supply. Users can participate in Yield Farming with MIDAS token on SpiritSwap, BeefyFinance and Liquidity Mining on SpookySwap.

APY Boost

Midas platform has a special feature to maximize passive income from crypto assets held on the platform and increase the utility of MIDAS token. Midas users have the opportunity to boost their native APR by receiving payouts directly in MIDAS token. Initially, it was launched as 0.2*APR, however it can be increased or decreased later to match demand, markets and positioning of the feature to optimize the results and appeal to user.
Users choosing to utilize the MIDAS Boost feature will receive the full value of their payout directly to their MIDAS token share. Payouts are converted into tokens at the MIDAS exchange rate at the time of payment. Users can enable/disable the Boost feature anytime, as the counter is updated only after the payout is made.
As an example, investors now have the ability to generate an APR of:
For example: users have the ability to generate APY of:
  • 10.6% on ETH with payouts in ETH, or
  • 12.8% with payouts in MIDAS token.

Where does the MIDAS paid out come from?

Behind the scenes, Midas exchanges payouts to MIDAS tokens through liquidity pools resulting in organic growth and increased demand for the MIDAS token.

Payout Split program

On a regular basis, the Midas team analyzes total payouts made to investors across all coins/tokens and initiates a 10% payout split to the MIDAS market.
For example: from a total daily payout of 1 BTC to users, 0.1 BTC would flow to the MIDAS market daily. The rate of payout split will be reviewed on a six-monthly basis.
The payout split is based on the AUM (assets under management) on the Midas platform and the rate of payouts we are generating for users. This will provide a consistent and sustained flow of liquidity to the new MIDAS market.

What happens to purchased MIDAS tokens

Purchased tokens go to one of three locations:
1. Growth fund
Funds will be held and utilized with the sole purpose to provide opportunities for growth to Midas platform and/or token. Possible solutions could be:
  • providing liquidity to new or existing liquidity pools to provide strength to markets and open opportunities on new platforms.
  • providing opening liquidity on new farming or staking options for users, which increases the outside awareness of Midas.
  • marketing opportunities, be that internal or external activity which we have assessed open new opportunities for growth.
2. Investor APY boost
Funds collected in this allocation will be released in the following six-month cycle of emission rates – upon the six-monthly review of smart contract emissions
3. Burn
Funds enter a designated burn wallet address that will not be recovered.
Asset flow from the payout split will be reviewed on a six-monthly basis to ensure funds purchased through the Payout Split are being utilized to provide optimal long-term results. For launch, 50% of purchased MIDAS will flow towards the growth fund and 50% towards the Investor APY boost fund.

Where do these purchases take place?

We make purchases for the payout split through the two largest liquidity pools of MIDAS token. At present, these are SpookySwap, Spiritswap and Bombswap. Prices through these platforms directly contribute to live market data for MIDAS token on CMC and Coingecko and will assist in providing maximum support and growth to the MIDAS market.
Core wallet for holding user assets: 0x6cc9e8a3d90fefd4e9723d1a3c6977fb0173843b
Tokens not yet claimed from the swap: 0xdc3216332bfe606f81afc475b5199caf404a0426
Liquidity Pool on Spiritswap: 0xede32b76302cb71cc0467c4b42dabffa6b091dd1
Liquidity Pool on Bombswap: 0x02ba4291c54d179caf7626a562e06328742ec40d
Wallet connected to swap purchases: 0x7814d71a4b12f6213bf702c3a0e31448ccb2ff29
Purchases related to YAP’s: 0xa3501e87a699787f16bea5eef782994469c73889
Purchases related to Payout Split: 0xe2ca353a5831ecc958c2c4ed99e3b170ec4144e