Affiliate Program

Earn crypto with the Midas Affiliate Program. Refer new users to Midas.Investments and earn up to 10% of the investors' rewards
The Midas Affiliate Program empowers our community, influencers, content creators, and platforms to monetize traffic by introducing Midas.Investments to the world. The Midas Affiliate Program allows registered members (“Affiliates”) to share (or “refer”) a unique link with unregistered family and friends and begin earning “affiliate” rewards soon after.

How does Midas Affiliate Program work?

When friends or community click on that unique link, register with Midas.Investments, and make that first deposit, Affiliates will begin earning rewards based on a percentage of the earnings of those new referred members. Affiliate rewards are paid in USDC so please remember to open a USDC card so that you may view these affiliate rewards.
​​The reward period for all Affiliate partners is limited to 12 months from the date of referral’s first deposit.
For example, if a referral makes a deposit on June 1, 2022 (with the first reward paid on June 2, 2022), the Affiliate will earn rewards on this partner through June 2, 2023.

What are the reward rates?

Affiliates who previously participated in the beta testing of the Midas Affiliate Program will earn a 10% rate on referral’s earnings.
Members currently participating in the Local Ambassador Program and community mentors earn a 7.5% rate on referral’s earnings.
New Affiliates (and Affiliates who registered with Midas following beta testing of the Midas Affiliate Program) earn a 5% rate on referral’s earnings.
For example, if a new member deposits 100,000 USDC on Midas’ platform (equal to $100,000), this new member would earn 11,600 USDC over the course of one year based on USDC’s current APY of 11.6% (provided that the user did not withdraw over the year and allowed for daily rewards to compound).
In this example, the referrer of this new member would earn an amount equal to 5% of that over the course that same year, which would be equal to $580 (5% of $11,600). Note that affiliate rewards do not impact the earnings of the new member (i.e., these affiliate rewards are in addition to what the new member earns)
Note that assets with “Dynamic” APRs (including CVX, JOE, BOO, TOKE, SPELL, SPIRIT, TAROT) are excluded from the Midas Affiliate Program.
All Affiliates earn 15% on any referral’s earnings of MIDAS tokens paid in MIDAS tokens as well.
For example, if you’re an Affiliate earning 5% and have a referral who deposits 1 BTC and holds 1 MIDAS token, you’ll earn the standard 5% affiliate reward on BTC (paid in USDC), but you’ll now earn 15% on any of your referral’s MIDAS earnings (paid to you in MIDAS tokens).
Affiliates with large communities who are looking to monetize traffic may also be eligible for a 10% affiliate payout for referred members. In order to be considered for a 10% affiliate payout, Affiliates must have attracted referrals who have deposited a cumulative amount of more than $1M onto Midas’ platform. Contact our Marketing Lead ([email protected]) for more detail.

How do I know what my reward rate is (5%, 7.5% or 10%)?

When logged in to your Profile, the percentage that applies to you specifically will show directly above your referral link (“Share the link and get X% of all referral rewards in USDC”).
As a reminder, affiliate rewards are only paid so long as your referral continues to maintain a deposit with Midas. If a referral were to withdraw all their funds from Midas (leaving a zero balance), the referrer would no longer receive affiliate rewards until the referrer redeposited funds onto the platform (and be eligible to receive rewards).
Terms and conditions of the Midas Affiliate Program are subject to change at any time at Midas’ discretion. Abuse of the Midas Affiliate Program is prohibited, and users are highly discouraged from creating multiple accounts to take advantage of this program. If this abuse is discovered by the Midas team, Midas may permanently ban such users.

Steps to participate in Affiliate Program

Violation and abuse of these rules will lead to permanent exclusion of the user from participation in the Midas Affiliate Program.
1) Existing investors ("Affiliates") are forbidden to create another account to earn extra rewards from the Affiliate program.
2) Funds may not be transferred from an Affiliate’s account to a new member’s account by internal transfer through Midas.
3) Affiliates do not have the ability to link referral accounts to their accounts after the referral has already registered on the platform (i.e., Midas cannot retroactively apply a referral link to a user who has already created an account). Please be careful to make sure that referrals follow your unique link in order to start receiving rewards from the referred users.
4) Spamming or advertising your affiliate link with incorrect information about Midas’ platform is prohibited.
5) The Affiliate account must be active and have funds on the platform. For example, you are not eligible to be an Affiliate if your account has a zero balance.
6) Affiliates have the ability to request the 10% affiliate rate once they’ve referred new users with cumulative deposits of more than $1,000,000.
In the future, the Midas team plans to introduce algorithmic scripts to detect violations and automatically reduce affiliates’ rewards to 0%.
Disclaimer: The Midas team reserves the right to change the reward of the Affiliate Program participants on its discretion.