Fixed Yield Strategies
Disclaimer: The Midas Invetsment team has more than 50+ Yield generating strategies. More information about each investment strategy will be uploaded gradually.

Yield Vaults

The combination of the liquidity pools of the most innovative DeFi protocols to capture all the best token farming opportunities. Strong correlation with overall crypto-market and altcoin cycles.
Available assets: ETH, BTC
Annualized Percentage Rate (APR): Up to 15% APR
Risks: Low. YFI has a perfect track record for hacks being fixed in less than an hour, a 100% money-back guarantee due to insurance protocols and the insurance fund.

Borrowing for target asset’s collateral to free liquidity

Used as a combination with another strategy, that performs extremely well in terms of USD increase.
Available assets: BTC, ETH, Stablecoins, Tokens
Protocols/Blockchain: Aave, Compound, Sushi/Polygon
Risks: Medium. The asset’s price rapid depreciation.
How we hedge risks: Short based on strategy position on target asset, if it makes sense. Having a liquidation value higher than 40%.

Algorithmic futures trading of a target asset

The investment team has major expertise in building automated trading algorithms based on trends and volatility. Previously, it showed the consistent performance of 50% annual returns for the target asset.
Available assets: BTC, ETH, major tokens with high liquidity and more than two years of trading on major exchanges.
Annualized Percentage Rate (APR): Up to 75% annual returns
Risks: Flat markets with high volatility giving many false signals
How we hedge risks: Options strategies, DeFi strategies

Leveraged liquidity farming

Combining assets with USDT or any other stable allows earning more assets during market pullbacks due to impermanent loss, which increases the asset amount. Additionally, asset+stable liquidity pools are hardly incentivized by protocols, since it is one of the most used trading pairs.
Available assets: ETH, Stablecoins, Tokens
Annualized Percentage Rate (APR): Up to 75% APR
Protocols/Blockchain: Alphahomorra, Alpaca, Rari, Aave, Compound/Ethereum, Binance Smart chain, Polygon
Risks: Risk of liquidation, asset depreciation.
How we hedge risks: The combination of strong fundamentals and de-leveraging during the strategy’s growth