Deposit & Withdrawal

Are there any restrictions for US investors?

We do not have any restrictions for any investors. You can use Midas.Investments as any other crypto platform and apply the same rules to it. Keep in mind the laws of your state.
You can download a CSV report for any particular asset. In order to get deposit&withdraw and reward report for your entire account, please contact our Support via chat on the website.

I deposited funds to Midas, but haven't received them yet. What should I do?

Please contact our Support Team via chat on the website. Never DM your sensitive info to anyone on Discord or Telegram

How to withdraw coins?

In order to withdraw coins open your share card and click the "Withdraw" button.
In the window that opens, enter the amount and address​. Make sure that the service where you send funds supports the blockchain network that Midas usesing​.
Then enter the confirmation code and click Submit​. In a few minutes you should see the Transaction ID in your transaction history.
Your withdrawal should send instantly, however, Midas maintains limited crypto balances in its hot wallet for 2 reasons :
  1. 1.
    Maximum security (the less funds inside the hot wallets, the more secure it is)
  2. 2.
    Being able to generate yields, by putting funds to work inside Defi protocols.
For withdrawals that exceed the available amount, users need to wait for the Midas team to replenish the hot wallet, which is done by working hours (UTC+0). During this time, your withdrawal will be shown as "pending" and will not be associated with a Transaction ID, until the hot wallets are replenished (your funds are safe, it's a common situation for every custodial platform). When the hot wallets are full again, your withdrawal will then be sent instantly.